This responsible alcohol serving program is well recognized and also required in most areas.
All individuals making or serving alcohol should have this certification, even if it is just not part of their normal job description.  This may be as simple as a host member assisting a waitperson.  Really, any staff member serving or interacting with customers.

| Training

  • Usually required by your insurance company.
  • Reduces your liability in case of a lawsuit.
  • Gives your staff the confidence in how to properly serve and deal with​ customer situations.

| About the Class

The class runs 1/2 day; in by 9 and out by 2

It is a combination of specific information, evaluative techniques, and situational responses.

Text material, videos, and role-playing will all be utilized during the four-hour class.

After class, a 40 question test will be administered and your results will be available in about one week.

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