Safety, Knowledge & Compliance
A Simple Goal

Provide excellent Food Safety knowledge for both management and staff to effectively utilize in the actual food service setting.

Courses Emphasis

Courses Topics

Quick Results

Provide excellent food safety knowledge for both management and staff

Give management the tools to motivate associates to proper practices

Tools for training staff to follow the guidelines.

Guide establishments in HACCP protocol

Forms of Contamination

    Safe Food Handling

    Flow of Food from receiving to serving

    Cleaning and Sanitizing

    Safe Facility Management

The Final Exam will 
be administered by the instructor, a certified proctor, and results will be available within two business days after the exam, license in about two weeks.

Same day test resluts are available.

As a proud member of the National Restaurant Association and the Maryland Restaurant Association, we are committed to providing outstanding ServSafe training courses to Montgomery County restaurants, bars, churches, retail food businesses, retirement communities, and other businesses that handle food for their clients.

Don't Let This Happen To You!

Don't get caught off guard

Almost all Counties and States require a certified manager to be on duty at all times, even when the establishment is not open for business.

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2 Programs Available

Management & Team
This is an intensive two day course for all establishments which sell or serve prepared food for both on and off-premise.
- Instruction will be given through Lecture, Demonstration & Active Participation.

- Home Study may qualify for one day of classroom work.  Check with the organizer for more details.

- Automatically allows for a State License.  This is the certification to be posted in your establishment.

Private classes for groups are available
Designed for an educational setting, there are 15 chapters which may be taught individually, or combined to fit your class schedule.
- Each chapter is based around an Advanced Organizer with Objectives and a Food Safety Case Study.

- Throughout the 
class there are Discussion Questions and Case in Point Activities. 

- Each chapter concludes with Study Questions with an Answer Key for review.

Speak with a representative to review class schedule offerings.

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So if you're looking to get licensing in the DC area for any type of business engaged in food handling and are in search of outstanding Tips and ServSafe classes Montgomery County, Maryland. Virginia and D.C. that business owners rely on, there's no need to look anywhere else. The trusted experts at G & L Hospitality Services have all your needs perfectly covered!

We provide training for groups that range from 2 persons to 100 people. We can do one-day training programs or more extensive classes, depending on your requirements.

For more information, please call us at 202-277-5532 or email us at today!